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When Do You Embrace Fall?

Falling Forward: When Do You Embrace Fall?

September's approaching — and so is Fall fashion. Weigh in on the seasonal wardrobe change with this poll from OnSugar blog Style It Online.

For the past several days, NYC has been under the spell of cooler weather, with a side of rain. We are wearing cardigans, boots, and hats, thanks to the clouds, we haven't felt like we've been stuffed into a concrete oven. Especially with Fashion Week right around the corner and the September issues of magazines on newsstands, I can barely resist the urge to swipe on vampy nail polishes and lip colors, banishing any teal or magenta from my mind.

I want to step into the streets, wearing a blazer and a knit tam, with a hot cup of coffee in my hand and boots on my feet, ready to take on the day. Is that too much to ask for? Most likely yes, because after today the sun will be back, bringing temperatures in the high 80s for the foreseeable future. Now that I've dipped my toe into the cardigan pool, I don't want to turn back.

When do you decide that it's time to pull out the Fall wardrobe? After Labor Day, do you banish your pinks in search of neutrals? Does the weather dictate your look? Share your thoughts in the poll below!

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arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 6 years
i love fall! it's def my favorite season. i hate the heat but absolutely adore coldness [michigan winters always make me so happy!] i just love wearing scarves and long coats and sweater. i have more winter clothes than summer one, hahha
risqueredhead risqueredhead 6 years
I live in the midwest, like Merlin713 said, it can change a lot in a matter of hours or days! I'd love to start pulling out my blazers and scarves when classes start after labor day, but I'm sure there will be days I still want to wear a tank and skirt. I'm already wearing some fall stuff to work (at a department store) because the air conditioner is so cold.
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
I'm with #1. I live in northern Minnesota, so we can end up wearing a sweatshirt/sweater on Monday, and down to shorts and a tank on Tuesday because it's back up to 85+ degrees.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 6 years
Well, where I live in CT it I base it on the weather and the beautiful changing of the leaves - usually doesn't take long for fall to hit here. Not ready for summer to end - boo
Faylinn Faylinn 6 years
While I was visiting my friend in Connecticut, I dealt with some very fall-like weather (cloudy, highs in the 60s). I can't wait for the weather to cool down where I live so I can wear boots and other fall fashions. To answer the poll: it depends on the weather. If it's still in the 80s and humid, I'll still be in a summer mood. Even in September.
bellakaoru bellakaoru 6 years
September 1! That's when fall clothes come out, but Summer clothes usually stick around until October, I mix and match depending on weather/mood.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
We have a very crappy summer season around here and I'm not much of a summery person either. I'm always prepared for fall.
Fasshonaburu Fasshonaburu 6 years
I usually start incorporating fall accessories in late August, but try to stay away from heavy fabrics and the like until I no longer sweat in them!
marcied23 marcied23 6 years
i live in so fla. so there is no real fall, just the occasional cold front...
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