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When Does Function Come Before Fashion?


lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
jennythereader jennythereader 8 years
You really needed a "pretty much always" option. When I'm shopping for clothes the first thing I look at is if a garment is a reasonably flattering color and cut. Then I try it on. At that point, if it isn't comfortable and functional it goes back on the rack no matter how fashionable it is.
CompassRose CompassRose 8 years
I voted "depends", but what I meant was "almost always". I have a style, and I consider my clothes carefully, but anything that is unpleasant to wear gets ditched, sorry. I hate seeing people on the street walking in clothes that are clearly too tight or too short, or shoes that hurt them. It's obvious - they tug at things, or hunch their shoulders to keep from flashing crotch or bra, or walk with gingerly discomfort. I don't see how anybody can think that being "in style" without regard to their own comfort really presents them in a flattering light. The only time looks come before comfort is for theatrical costuming. I've been put into some darned horrid things in the name of performance.
ForeverTaylor ForeverTaylor 8 years
Totally depends on the situation, camping for instance or hiking or anything that is really out doorsy fashion really is an after thought
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 8 years
To an extent.
tropicalsiren tropicalsiren 8 years
When it comes to my feet...I do not wear stilletos shoes beacuse i simple cannot enjoy myselft after half an hour. I wear wedges,flats, platform shoes, anything that is cute and sexy but has a flat,supportive surface. I see all the time girls in pain at parties beacuse of their thin heeled shoes, they might look hot but can varely move, meanwhile i can dance and walk all night all. I only wear dainty shoes to a really fancy event,for that i suck it up but that only happens once in a blue moon.
weffie weffie 8 years
When I wake up in January, it's still dark outside and the thermometer says -30... fashion does not enter my mind. I literally leave the house wrapped in blankets haha.
SalescoopCat SalescoopCat 8 years
Fashion comes before function for a select few-- for others though, like myself, I like the two to go hand and hand. For example, I like to wear comfortable jeans that also have style. I also like to wear sweaters that are figure friendly!
MsHauteStylist MsHauteStylist 8 years
I can't lie; as a fashion lover, I live to see some of the uncensored, fantasy type stuff that I know i'll never in a million years be able to wear. Fashion is an art form; a way of expression so it's supposed to take you somewhere else. On the ready to wear side, function is important but on the wide spectrum, function is meaningless if you think of the things that people like Gaultier & Galliano produce.
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