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Which is Better: Make Up Sex or Make Up Jewelry?

According to the girls at Makeup Jewelry, "Men want makeup sex. We just want Makeup Jewelry." Which is a pretty apt observation, in our opinion.

To address the universal problem of men - how to get off the couch and back in the bedroom - Makeup Jewelry has designed an innovative solution. In just the time it takes to fill out a 2-minute quiz about his girlfriend, Makeup Jewelry compiles a list of tailored accessories guaranteed to get the guy out of the doghouse. Silver or gold? "Romantic" or "comfortable?" "Toned and terrific" or "thin, thin, thin?" Whatever the sin and whoever the girl, they've got great suggestions.

An interesting plan, you say, but how do I get my man to go along with it? Their tip - add the site to his favorites page!

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BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
Cute idea. But, they I need to carry prettier jewelry.
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 11 years
makeup sex if he's good at what he's doing. i will say that jewelry makes me 75% more forgiving and 500% ready to get it on.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
The jewelry. Guys are easy he'll still forgive you and have sex and even when that's over you will have the jewelry to wear for a long time.
SailorMarie SailorMarie 11 years
Jewelry definitely...then have the make up sex!!!
yayita yayita 11 years
Hehehe we all have a little higmaintenace girl inside us, but in reality we love the boys we end up with regardless :)
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 11 years
Jewelry. It lasts longer!
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
Its a neat idea. Only the stuff that my hubby would put for me gives him choices of a bunch of stuff Id never wear. But Its the thought that counts I guess.... lol He can gimme a blue topaz any day and Ill be just fine. Oh and there stuff is waaay overpriced. Id rather roses. lol RK good point tho.
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 11 years
you guys are funny -- as the commercial says, diamonds are forever! :)
rkdub rkdub 11 years
make up jewelry is way better.... especially if 1) he had to pick it out and agonize through the decision and 2) it's expensive. Now, hear me out....I am not a jewelry person, but I can guarantee if my guy had to buy his way out of trouble ever time he sees diamonds sticking out of my jewelry box he is going to remember EXACTLY why they are there, and therefore history will be less likely to repeat itself... ditto for when I wear said diamonds....
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 11 years
LMAO at yayita...very true!
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 11 years
Im not a fan of this stuff - especially the top necklace. i think it looks cheap.
yayita yayita 11 years
Haha make up Jewelry, why? because you can always have sex after he gives you the jewelry. It's a win win situation for us girlies :)
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