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Which Couture Project Runway Look Was Most Fab?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to couture. In last night's episode of Project Runway, the designers were asked to create a couture garment that reflected an astrological sign. While others were scolded for their tacky pieces, Leanne, Jerell, and Joe scored high on the judges card for their creative designs. Leanne's scorpion-inspired dress was dark and lovely; Jerell took a huge risk using interesting fabrics; and Joe's ram-inspired dress was well interpreted. Which one was your favorite?


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Lua10 Lua10 8 years
baltimoregal baltimoregal 8 years
I like Leanne's. I also think Jerrell did a good job fitting the assignment.
Allinds33 Allinds33 8 years
i love leanne! she's got quiet confidence, i think that some of the other designers talk better than they work.i did like all 3 of the top designs this week, even though Joe has not been my favorite at all this season I def. can't deny that his look was cool.
Emescloset Emescloset 8 years
I love Joe's too - bot I don't think it was avant garde enough...imo
MsHauteStylist MsHauteStylist 8 years
leahtron leahtron 8 years
I've noticed that people say, "this bunch is not as good as the last" every season! I think this group has a lot of talent... Anyway, I hate Leanne's. The other two are fine, I think I can pick out a few things I liked from each more than fully loving the whole outfits. But that's the point of couture I guess.
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
NOT avant garde. Sorry. Just isn't! I was underwhelmed, especially given last years' efforts.
rachelbojangles rachelbojangles 8 years
this challenge was weak
SDTransplant SDTransplant 8 years
I agree that the designers on last season's show pushed the envelope more, especially during the avant-garde challenge. I clearly remember Christian and Chris March's dress--now THAT was avant-garde! I didn't like the skirt of Jerell's outfit. It didn't go with the other pieces. I liked Joe's interpretation of the Aries sign. I also agree that Leanne's designs are improving with each challenge--I definitely see her making it to Bryant Park. Although he should have been eliminated several challenges again, Blayne will be missed for his humor--"holla at your boy!"
missbrooke09 missbrooke09 8 years
I wasn't overly impressed by any of them. But Joe's was probably my favourite. However, I think there was more Daniel in the dress than there was Joe.
bransugar79 bransugar79 8 years
I liked Leannes dress and the concept was great but I think it was a little less polished than her other designs. I really liked Jerell's design and I htink it was more avant garde without being costumey. It totally pushed the boudaries of normalcy in the sense that one could wear it to an event and still be stylish without looking like everyone else. It was completely appropriate. I'm tired of Kenley someone please kick her for me, and I'm glad Terri went home. Even though Keith is a huge cry baby she was insanely rude to him and it was uncalled for.I'm going to miss Blayne because even though his designs were horrible (really pooping fabric yikes!) he was a fun character in spite of all his liscious ness
soapbox soapbox 8 years
Uggh, let's just hope that they get a whole new casting crew next season. I mean, none of these designs are even half as good as last years advante-garde challenge. Actually, none of these designs are advante-garde in my book! They're just costumes; cheap looking costumes! (Well, except for Leanne's. She really did an okay job)
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 8 years
normally i don't like joe's work, but his definitely says ARIES, which was the whole point. jerell's was not my favorite.
myystque myystque 8 years
From the photos only, I'd have to pick the one on the right.
fashion4ward fashion4ward 8 years
Honestly, none of them wowed me. But Jerrell's was AWFUL! I hate it!
cnyc1a cnyc1a 8 years
I really like Jerell as a person. I was so proud of him because he has the ability to become a great designer but I think he always gets distracted . However having said that I'm a huge FAN of Leanne. She has such an eye and I truly see her at Bryant Park. As far as Avant Garde goes Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm. I think the judges all missed the point.
tiabia tiabia 8 years
Hey, where is Korto's design? She also scored high!?!
foxie foxie 8 years
Barf, barf, barf. Everyone created fugly crap and should be ashamed.
bugsybabs bugsybabs 8 years
Joe's beats out Leanne's by a hair for me. But I agree that this was mainly standout pretty more than avante garde. Last year's avante garde was better. There should be more fantasy.
mlen mlen 8 years
i do agree last year had more talent- i do like leanne's designs more and more every week though- i think she's stepping it up and i would have voted for her- and i agree it looked cooler on tv then in the photo
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 8 years
Option 1.
quietriott quietriott 8 years
isn't there a difference between couture and avant-garde? but i agree, i felt last season's designers pushed the envelope more in most of the challenges.
ehadams ehadams 8 years
None of the items tonight were avant-garde. The designers this season are terrible. Last season had so much more talent... If Jillian or Rami were on this season it would be no competition. I'd vote Joe or Leanne. Jerrell definitely should not have won.
lawchick lawchick 8 years
I agree Krradford. However, I did like LeAnne's and Jerrell's. The color of Joe's was beautiful, but the top didn't fit! I don't think LeAnne's is photographing very well -- it looked cooler on TV.
esweet esweet 8 years
I just can't believe how much better the avant-garde challenege from last season was. The pieces from last night didn't "wow" me as much as the pieces from last season.
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