Here I thought we had a few more episodes of Project Runway to go, but last night was the last challenge episode before the finale. Not only that, but Heidi announced that there would be two eliminations at the end of the episode — cue the stress! Once reality sunk in, Tim Gunn swept the designers off to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they each chose one painting or sculpture for inspiration.

Rami picked an Aphrodite sculpture (surprise!), Sweet P a peacock painting, Christian a courtly painting of a Spanish man, Jillian the master of the warring Argonauts, and Chris an eighteenth-century noblewoman. Rami and Chris ended up making outfits that looked similar to past episodes, Sweet P went commercial, Christian took his look to the extreme, and Jillian was stellar as always — but what I really want to know is: Who do you want to win?!

For a full run down of "The Art of Fashion" episode, be sure to hear what Buzz has to say.

Photos courtesy of Bravo