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Who Had the Best Celebrity Style of the Year?

Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss, Kate Bosworth, and Nicole Richie: besides having fame and fortune in common, these ladies all frequented Celebrity Style in 2007. Their styles range from comfy casual to boho, androgynous to playful to sophisticated, but who had the best overall Celebrity Style?

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Vintage:) Vintage:) 9 years
Aww come on for nicole just because she is pregnet. Well I have to go with Kate Bosworth, but she isn't great. But Misha really did go down this year. I would go with Rachel Bilson beyond chic <3
katie_c katie_c 9 years
100% cameron!
Katiefrog Katiefrog 9 years
I'm surprised Mischa is on there. She is constantly getting bad fashion reviews. And I would have to agree with them!
dolphin_2_12 dolphin_2_12 9 years
Nicole has my vote....
Marlowe Marlowe 9 years
Kate Moss all the way,because she doesnt awe her personnal style to a highly paid personnal stylist (such as Rachel Zoe).Its easy to look good when someone tells you what to wear.
t-t09 t-t09 9 years
libre1 libre1 9 years
Kate Bosworth was a close second but Nic Ritchie won it for me. She's really come into her own this year.
paradisee paradisee 9 years
i meant both Kate
paradisee paradisee 9 years
my vote goes to Kate but really why is Misha on this list she cute but that girl cant dress herself
forget-me-not180335 forget-me-not180335 9 years
MISCHA BARTON! i love her style
postingh postingh 9 years
Eyup, Nicole When she could have gone weird belly bouncing colors like a kid, Instead she kept it classy. Brava!
victuar victuar 9 years
although kate is a constant, she's always perfect, nicole rocked the hell out of 2007 :)
ExCape ExCape 9 years
Yes, if only she wasn't that anorexic. I'm also not sure about her personality.
pishkot pishkot 9 years
i really love celebrites who can change radically [for the better,of course] and reinvent thmeselves,like nicole richie did 2 years does it right !:D
pinkpixie_11 pinkpixie_11 9 years
Nicole always looks good.
corita corita 9 years
I definitelly don't think they have the best style! but I vote foe Kate. I do agree Rachel Bilson is gorgeous! What about Penélope Cruz?
preete preete 9 years
In the above pics Cameron looks the most stylish.
preete preete 9 years
Mischa would be the worst dressed celebrity after she wore those stupid mom jeans.
preete preete 9 years
i m really confused between Nicole and Cameron.Both r my fav. Both the girls look stylish in any outfits they wear.
mimi88mimi mimi88mimi 9 years
Nicole Richie
do-it do-it 9 years
Nicole Richie looks nice :)
carinenadine carinenadine 9 years
Yeah, where IS rachel bilson? She is adorable.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Nicole looked great all year, but I had to vote for Kate Moss. When is it not her year?
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
I would choose Kate Moss.
catmousebird catmousebird 9 years
kate bosworth, of course.
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