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Who Is Rose Byrne's Stylist?

Get to Know Rose Byrne's Lookalike Stylist Penny Lovell

We can always count on Rose Byrne to look stunningly fashion forward on the red carpet, like she did in Vivienne Westwood at last night's Oscars. And we can thank her stylist Penny Lovell for helping her find all those amazing dresses. So first things first, how did the lookalike duo meet? "It sounds very glamorous, but we met at a Dior Beauty dinner at the Chateau Marmont," Penny — who's worked in beauty and fashion PR, as well as editorial styling — shared. "We sat opposite each other and had a good laugh. We didn't really talk about fashion, but later we discovered we have very similar sensibilities." Penny agrees that Rose loves to take fashion risks: "She is very relaxed and pretty fearless in her dressing. She loved wearing a jumpsuit to an award show for example." Of course, the jumpsuit Penny is referring to is the Elie Saab Rose wore to the 2012 SAGs.

To hear more from Penny, including all about the Oscars, read more.

For this year's Oscars, Penny — who's also worked with Ginnifer Goodwin, Keira Knightley, and Amanda Seyfried — did a lot of prep work to get Rose red-carpet ready. "I think I have looked at every gown on from the last three seasons!" she said. So how does the process of styling for the Oscars go from start to finish? "The Oscars are the pinnacle of award season, so you start thinking about it even before you know if a client is going, mentally making notes of gowns that might work way in advance," Penny said.

"Once you have confirmation, then you talk to your client about what they are feeling, and then decide which designers would be best. Some approach us and some we approach. Once we have decided on the top dress, or dresses, then tailoring starts and we get it to fit perfectly. There are always lots and lots of pictures taken at every stage since it's really what matters in the end. Very close to the Oscars we figure out jewelry, shoes, and clutch, although those conversations also start earlier so specific pieces can be brought to Los Angeles from other cities in the world."

Sounds like a lot of pressure, but exciting, too! "Gowns can be designed and made specially for Oscars, and the choices are much more extensive in every area, so we have a lot more to see and decide between, making it more time consuming than usual, but also just a little more fun!"

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