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Who Wore It Better? Christian Louboutin Studded Booties

It was only a matter of time until one of the Olsens got their hands, or feet, on Christian Louboutin's Studded Booties. Actually, both of them have a pair, but I digress. Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger wore them at TRL first and now Ashley visited Harvey Nichols department store in them after attending the launch of their new collection for "The Row." Nicole wore them first, but I have to give it up to my girl Ashley for making the boots the focus of her ensemble by keeping the rest simple. Who do you think wore it better?

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Apryle Apryle 8 years
I'm just not feeling this particular bootie, more's the pity. They are however particularly unflattering on Nicole.
bangs bangs 9 years
I give my vote to Nicole , not so much for the outfit, but because I love her and she is fantastic!And definitely sexier than Ashley
XpsX XpsX 9 years
i love Christian Louboutin shoes but this pair..NO! Ashley wins here though
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 10 years
gigiopolis gigiopolis 10 years
Neither. I love you, Louboutin, but those boots can't be forgiven.
Kaki Kaki 10 years
I personally hate those boots, but I think they look OK with Ashley's outfit
veronicaraye veronicaraye 10 years
dont go with that dress!
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 10 years
I hate booties! :rant:
Sweet-Poison Sweet-Poison 10 years
Definately Ashley, she just rocks black. Nicole's pretty but those shoes are fug with her dress.
marybethrizalucy marybethrizalucy 10 years
I really want these boots. Could someone please make a cheap knock off of them. It seems everything I like right now costs at least $300. I think these go for $1500.
nancita nancita 10 years
Ugh, I just do not like these shoes.
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
Ashley... And I must say I LOVE :love: these booties, they remind me of the ones Madonna wore in Desperately Seeking Susan.
Elizabeth519 Elizabeth519 10 years
I just re-watched Desperatley Seeking Susan the other night and these boots look just like the ones that Madonna's character got by trading in her pyramid eye jacket
Tari007 Tari007 10 years
I liked Nicole when she was in the PCD but now I can't stand her! Her music sucks, her looks are terrible, her fashion sense is over the top, her make-up is hideous....Can her 15 minutes of fame be over already? Please!
zc zc 10 years
i hated them when i saw them on nicole, somehow ashley makes them work
sway- sway- 10 years
Ashley is always fabulously chic.
Dana18 Dana18 10 years
The shoes go better with AShley's outfit.
hottpink hottpink 10 years
books-and-shoes books-and-shoes 10 years
Ashley all the way!!
jennaboa jennaboa 10 years
Not my fave pair of Loubs, but I think Ashley pulls them off much better than Nicole. I like Nicole's dress, but what was she thinking pairing those booties with it? Scroll-down fugly. Ashely's simple look is a much better idea when you have something so busy going on on the feet.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
I like them both! Buuuuutttt I chose Nicole just because I think she looks more WOW!
syako syako 10 years
Those were made by Louboutin for the Olsen twins. No one else can pull them off. WORK it Ashley!!
fashiontoronto fashiontoronto 10 years
Olsen, obvi. The boots are really cute, but Nicole makes them look totally skanky.
Reema Reema 10 years
those shoes are hideous
Ava-Gardner Ava-Gardner 10 years
These boots prove that even the divine Monsieur Louboutin can have an off day. They are ghastly, like something The Black Knight would wear to go jousting in.
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