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You know we try to play nice here on Fab. But we’ve all seen them — the unfortunate celebrity fashion fabric choices that graced the red carpets of film premieres, charity events, and award shows throughout the year. However, when a celeb has a wardrobe malfunction we leave it up to you to decide how to fix it, via our feature How Would You Wear It?.

Our friends at Cotton want you to vote on which of these celebs committed the biggest Mystery Fabric faux pas of the year. Which unfortunate gal looks the itchiest, most uncomfortable, and most un-Fab of this bunch? But wait, there's more. If you log in and vote, you will be entered to win a $1,000 cotton shopping spree in which you can buy the coziest, softest, most-stylish wardrobe and put these itchy, scratchy girls to shame. Please note: you have to log in and register in order to vote and win. See more fabric faux pas and funny videos at Good luck! For the rules and regulations, click here.

misaacmom misaacmom 9 years
I voted Katherine. She looked the most uncomfortable
lakegirl25 lakegirl25 9 years
These are all beautiful women who sometimes make mistakes with what they choose to wear. But, Britney definitely has made a major fashion faux pas in this picture!
bndraldy bndraldy 9 years
They are all pretty terrible. I think Kim's would be the hardest to correct.
chicaloca chicaloca 9 years
Luckybustert Luckybustert 9 years
Poor Britney....what *is* that on her head?!
egreca egreca 9 years
Katherine looks awful. She usually does so good. I am so tired of Britney, I just expect bad decisions from her.
smarthayo smarthayo 9 years
Oh my gosh they are all so very awful but as with all things bad I'll have to vote for Brit
storm5 storm5 9 years
They all look ah mess!
cynthiadev cynthiadev 9 years
All look awful but Brittney gets my vote
Crystal-F Crystal-F 9 years
I think Katherine's is the worst of the group! Thanks!
slehan slehan 9 years
all of the above. yuk.
Twipey Twipey 9 years
Britney. But they all look like they got dressed in the dark.
Lisa14886226 Lisa14886226 9 years
Definitely Brittany Spears!
jcasser jcasser 9 years
they're all kind of painful...
jmahurin40 jmahurin40 9 years
ty 4 the wonderful contest!
thatsmajor thatsmajor 9 years
My vote goes towards leelee but they're all horrible! And I would love a cotton shopping spree!! Fuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!!
cassie4mark cassie4mark 9 years
everything britney wears looks so uncomfortable and UNFLATTERING!
OldSchooler OldSchooler 9 years
Most of them look awful in these pics (I'm on the fence about Kimberly Stewart's outfit), and I really don't like Heigl, but Britney has been consistently trashy and uncomfortable looking for a long time coming. So I choose Brit!
eveningstarr eveningstarr 9 years
Britney Spears gets my vote!
amber_castaldo amber_castaldo 9 years
Leelee Sobieski those orange tights really take the cake.
mrsesquilo mrsesquilo 9 years
I love Leelee, but she's the obvious choice here. Ouch.
reeveske reeveske 9 years
I think Britney might need this shopping spree more than I do....
tiffginn21 tiffginn21 9 years
Britt for sure
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 9 years
Hard to decide, but LeeLee got my vote.
MCJunkie MCJunkie 9 years
Better wearing garbage bags.
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