Check out this cool shoulder jewelry post from OnSugar blog Style It.

Studs, spikes, feathers, and chains are popping up everywhere in jewelry these days. From earrings to necklaces, on cuffs and rings, jewelry designers are feeling a bit more rock & roll than sweet & prim. I personally love my jewelry to be loud, bold, and with a little edge.

If you pop into any store, mass or boutique, you'll see tops with ornate details on the shoulders (even Forever 21 has them).  A brand called Babette Epaulette has taken the detailed shoulder to the next level by creating jewelry specifically designed to be worn on your shoulder.

While I love the idea in theory, I'm not sure the cross-body style would be flattering on anyone other than a twig. The pieces are beautiful and definitely make a statement, but what I want to know is: Would you wear it?

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