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Are You Getting Tired of Celebrity Designers?

The list goes on and on . . .

Bauer-Griffin and Source

madchie madchie 9 years
if they're doing really good, why not? for example elizabeth and james.. mk&a doing really great job. but yeah, most of them are talentless, their designs just look cheap on you..
Tabloid Tabloid 9 years
I'm sick of it! Mostly the fragrances!
inusik inusik 9 years
I sick of celebrities pretending to be designers, cuz good sence of style in choosing clothes doesn't mean, you can succesfully create 'em as well
liaochiling liaochiling 9 years
their creations are just copied from professionals.
sabrina27 sabrina27 9 years
I like LC line, it is getting better and better. SJP is cheap because they are made out of cheap material and look cheap.
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
Most celebrity designs are pretty ugly and mundane/overly plain...If I see something good, I don't care if a celebrity, a pro or if my neighbor Joe designed it.
Lexie_Kesh Lexie_Kesh 9 years
The only good about SJP and Amanda Bynes' line is they're affordable. Imo, they are both extremely cheap and ugly. I can't judge LC's nor Gwen's because I have never seen them, only in pics., but again imo they are extremely overpriced and blah.
emalove emalove 9 years
Depends on who the designer is, I suppose...I'm definitely not into LC's designs...they're so boring. But I AM quite excited to see Rachel Bilson's DKNY line...
Isla-T Isla-T 9 years
sick of it! just because they are celebrities they think they can do whatever is in the world to easy for them is just having someone else designing and putting their names on it because i dont think they do all the work themselves...
stephley stephley 9 years
They're not really 'designing' anything new or interesting, just slapping their names on clothes that vary slightly from everything else on the rack.
azh azh 9 years
HipMom HipMom 9 years
So sick of it. Very few actually deserve the chance.
sorano916 sorano916 9 years
I agree with most people in the comments. The ones that are great like SJP and Gwen... they're perfectly fine. But those which are just really bad... we can deal without them.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
More or Less.
baciobisou baciobisou 9 years
Who wouldn't be tired of the ones that create tacky clothes? A **SELECT FEW** have fabulous designs. Case and point: Gwen Stefani with L.A.M.B. and The Olsen Twins with Elizabeth and James. I would dare to throw Kate Moss's Top Shop collection in the bunch.
hottinpink9021 hottinpink9021 9 years
I hate the unoriginal ones like LC. Her clothes are so boring AND overpriced. But I do like Amanda Bynes' and SJP's clothing because it has some cute things for regular people and everything is under $20. Also, I respect the Olsen twins' line because they actually have original things that they create themselves (the whole women wearing mens clothing thing) even though I would never wear it. And I like Gwen Stefani's line too because it's cute and it's expensive but worth the money. Jessica Simpson's line is cute and pricey, but for some reason I highly doubt she actually designs it herself.
I am soo tired of the celebs with no talent trying to come out with lines such as LC, I saw her line and I feel as though I've seen it before. There's nothing special there. But I do luv and thank SJP for hers because they are affordable and cute at the same time. I also think L.A.M.B is a great line but way tooo exspensive for me. Gwen really needs to come out with another line thats more affordable for the working class, like beyonce did.
tshellyedwards tshellyedwards 9 years
I personally love SJP's Bitten line - I think it's fabulous!! Although I do have to say that not all the pieces fit as they should. The shapes and sizes are sometimes really off. Honestly, I don't really care whatsoever. If a celebrity wants to express him or herself through fashion, then let them. Just because it's out there doesn't mean you have to look at it or wear it.
tjfamodu tjfamodu 9 years
I only despise the tacky ones. But some celebrity lines have been amazing, because the celebrity actually has a passion for fashion instead of looking for a quick buck. SJP's line, and Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B are both amazing lines.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
Mel B is a great example of the ones that are bad.... Really BAD.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
I'm tired of most but some are good.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
meh, whatever! if it makes them feel special, then why not ;)
prosecco-in-the-park prosecco-in-the-park 9 years
I like some, but most are overpriced. I hate Lauren Conrads line of overpriced, extremely plain and basic jersey dresses. I don't think she's worthy of being called a celebrity though.
totygoliguez totygoliguez 9 years
As long as the close is cute I don't miend, but all this celbs with no talent (Like LC) are disigning close.
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