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Are You Sad The Rachel Zoe Project Is Over?

I am. After six exciting and chaos-filled episodes, The Rachel Zoe Project has completed its first season. No word if it will come back again, but I sure hope it does. Between the drama between Taylor and Brad (Team Brad all the way), the cuteness between Rachel and Rodger, and all that high fashion, it was exhilarating from start to finish.
Seeing Rachel interact with fashion's darling designers — Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Giles Mendel — gave her more credibility. Though the season came to a close with the Oscars, my favorite episodes were when Rachel attended New York Fashion Week. I thought my schedule was crazy, but Rachel beat me. Only, she had a driver. Lucky!

Photos courtesy of Bravo TV

Neural Neural 9 years
It's over already?! I only watched it off iTunes since I don't get Bravo so I had no idea the last ep was the season finale. How abrupt! What the heck? I totally hope it comes back!
spunkyk77 spunkyk77 9 years
meringue meringue 9 years
I loved the show, and really liked Rachel more than I anticipated...
sandy82 sandy82 9 years
brendelwoman, don't be sad. bravo sometimes has marathon runs of the show.
lovely2190 lovely2190 9 years
looove her and the show and can't wait for it to come back, hopefully it does!!!!
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
After all these comments I am sad I deleted it from my dvr. I watched the first episode and it wasn't great. Maybe I should have given it more time!
Lysa1237 Lysa1237 9 years
yes, this show is crazy entertainment or as Rachel Zoe say's; Bananas, LoL
mswender mswender 9 years
One thing I want to add about Taylor is that I have never seen some one make very nice designer clothes look so bad! She had a Missoni dress on one day and it looked awful! It wasn't the dress's fault at all. I understand she gets the stuff done, but she never trained Brad and he does work hard. Whenever he had a really big challenge, getting Kate Hudson clothes for her British press tour in 24 hours, he got it done and fast. Team Brad all the way!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
it's funny - i never really liked her before the show since i've only know her to be the 'anorexia celeb stylist' because there was all the talk about how everyone she worked with for a period of time was super super super skinny. i'm sad that the show is over though and i hope that they renew it cause it was really entertaining.
ellie_K ellie_K 9 years
i've definitely become a bigger slave to fashion since watching the show! plus i use "bananas" and "die" in my vocab now.... heehee...
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
I am terribly sad that its over already. I knew I would love it since I am nuts about fashion! I was crazy about her shopping sprees and the whole fashion week! I didnt like how I could tell that some scenes were shot and then placed into another episode. I would be watching and going, he just wore that yesterday, and she wore that yesterday... Overall, I hope Taylor watches and figures out that she was overly hateful and clearly needs to calm the f down a little bit. Brad is new, and trying. But he does need botox in his fo-head cause those lines are SERIOUS! What was also interesting to me was when Rach would be doing normal things, her face was a little droopy, but then in the interview portions, she looked radiant and fresh. Lighting?
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I hope the show comes back, it was entertaining. Things I Disliked: *Rodgers Hair, what a ridiculous haircut for a man who is out in the public eye! He looks like some weird child molester. *Rachels obsession with Fur vest things, this isn’t the flintstones and I know they are popluar, but I don’t understand why! *I agree, stop the valley talk Rachel, and eat something, I can see your breastbones. *Taylor is a Twit, she might know what she is doing but 2 ½ years doesn’t make you an expert, Nor does it make you the right to decide what to train brad in and what not to. Just because YOU didn’t get the training you needed…doesn’t mean you have to subject Brad to that same treatment. Don’t punish him for your past, and don’t be jealous that he has more potential than you do. Its Rachels fault if he is hanging out with her and she lets him. Things I like. *Brad….I just love him. He is eager and smart and stylish. *All the fashion talk and seeing designers *watching Rachel buy clothes. *seeng how a stylist really works (not all glamorous!!)
mlen mlen 9 years
taylor needs a slight attitude adjustment- but she's not always wrong- but she does need to react better. and brush her hair!! i was surprised i liked rachel zoe better than i thought i would and she really does treat her employees well. i did like the show- i'd watch again!
LA-Chicky LA-Chicky 9 years
I loved this show from day 1... I think she was misunderstood in the media. Saying she made the girls thin is crazy! She seems like an awesome woman, very career driven and very into her job. I love that! I only wish that I could have her style me!! I hope someone tells her she needs to like do 10 more seasons or even maybe make a show like a makeover show. Get normal girls off the street and make them over. Do you have any idea how mnay of us will watch that! Especially if she mixes maybe some high end with low end clothes. Stuff we can afford yet is still stylish. Like maybe an expensive bag with H&M clothes! PLEASEEE come back! She can really be a hit now.
sexylibrarian sexylibrarian 9 years
I really like the show a lot! I hate that it is over. I hope it comes back for another season.
jgulli3 jgulli3 9 years
Oh my gosh I adore Rachel. I also thought I wasn't going to enjoy the show but I did!
misriss misriss 9 years
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the show. While I still want to feed RZ, I found her to be interesting and really passsionate about fashion.
ElanaRobinson ElanaRobinson 9 years
Rachel is is awesome, always was, and always will be. I'm so excited about what we might see when the start the next season of her show.
sandy82 sandy82 9 years
I was not fan of Rachel Zoe before the show, but I have to admit that I am now. Rachel has huge amount of motivation and ambition and it's totally admirable. I can't believe I'm about to say this but...she seems really human. After watching an episode, and seeing how hard this woman works, I feel like I need to do something! The show can get a little dull at times and I don't like how they keep showcasing designer. Taylor is so rude and obnoxious. She has such anger issues and she can't tolerate anything. I can't believe she's been working with Rachel for 2 1/2 years. Love Brad. He seems like a sweetheart.
lala-mclala lala-mclala 9 years
God, what is wrong with you people? Taylor is totally right about Brad--he doesn't work nearly as hard as she does and spends WAY too much time and energy kissing their asses. It's like he wants the perks and the fabulous life without sweating. Have to say I'm team Taylor. Don't fall for his crying, people!
fashion4ward fashion4ward 9 years
Loved it! Miss it! Come back please!
angieee angieee 9 years
Can't believe it's over. I need more!
cnyc1a cnyc1a 9 years
I love this freaking show. Totally my guilty pleasure
supermodelspy supermodelspy 9 years
It love the show, but i still dislike Taylor and her hair!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
I enjoyed this show and hope it comes back for a second season. Rachel is wonderful at her job; and seems like a great boss and can laugh at herself (like when her, Brad and her MU artist dressed Brad up like her,lol.) I dislike Taylor, the way she expected Brad to know how to organize the clothes to her liking without telling him how she likes them ordered. I'm team Brad all the way; once he is new to this aspect of the industry and doesn't know everything, however once explained he remembers and does his job. Taylor just doesn't seem to give a d*mn about teaching and would rather dump on him all the time. If there is a 2nd season, I would like to see Brad tell Taylor off, a little taste of her own medicine. :smile:
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