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Are You Still Loving Model-of-the-Moment Agyness Deyn?


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LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 9 years
the latest "IT" model... she'll be over by august/october
keiraz keiraz 9 years
who is she? *blushes
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
I want to see more of Agyness!
bluesuze bluesuze 9 years
I think she's gorgeous!! And talking about Kate Moss, I've ALWAYS thought Kate was ugly! She's too skinny, has funky teeth and her eyes are weird, like too far apart or something, and she always has this stoned look on her face (probably from all the drugs that she does!) So yeah, I"m glad someone more deserving finally took her place!
TFS TFS 9 years
i dont personally see how anyone can like her. shes arrogant as hell, has the body of a man, and a face like a dogs back end. ewww :/
Belowen Belowen 9 years
No, I never saw her appeal to be honest...
Hannahbanana1 Hannahbanana1 9 years
She looks like she could be Selma Blair's sister!
GossipAngela GossipAngela 9 years
I never liked her from the moment I saw her in the Vogue cover. Models such as Daria Werbovy and Natalia Vodianova are way more fab-worthy. Lily Donaldson and Raquel Zimmermen are also better models than Agyness.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I never really got the big deal about her. I think she's ugly and kinda manly and weird.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I'm sick of seeing her EVERYWHERE! You would think there was a shortage of models. I could never see her appeal anyway.
trésjolie1 trésjolie1 9 years
hiya syako! I know Kate Bosworth isn't a model, but she used to be and she still takes better pictures in my opinion than Agyness, and she has great style. So I was thinking in terms of influencing my personal style. I'm all for egdy, but not for ugly. Sorry, was that mean(I meant the clothes)?
LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 9 years
never was a fan of hers... im so tired of the whole hipster look and i must say... she rocks that crap all the time... my favorite model will ALWAYS be: Snejana Onopka <3 her!
AMP AMP 9 years
was never into her. she's cool, but not my style at all
the-kid the-kid 9 years
Sooooooo not better dressed than La Moss.
AKirstin AKirstin 9 years
She always looks like she's directly ripping off the worst crap on Facehunter.
Lala77 Lala77 9 years
We had a strange relationship from the beginning :D I could like her this minute and hate her the next, so....:D
laneylaney laneylaney 9 years
love coco rocha or iekeliene stange over her anyday
joy76 joy76 9 years
Ha! She is over rated!
NiceDriveway NiceDriveway 9 years
Sorry, CoCo Rocha for me.
elmosisi elmosisi 9 years
sometimes it seems like she's trying to hard...other times its like o thats just agnyess.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 9 years
i was never into her to begin with and i'm sick of seeing her everywhere.
Le_silla Le_silla 9 years
I agree never liked here, i want female models not androgyn model
juliegal juliegal 9 years
never liked her...SICK of seeing her.....
laneylaney laneylaney 9 years
eh she's whatever. if you're tall and skinny and you have a weird "edgy" haircut you can put on any combination of clothing and be a fashion icon? that's also not even her real name and that is probably annoys me the most. there are so many gorgeous, better models who look fabulous on a regular basis.
k_izzle k_izzle 9 years
I think she has great style.
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