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lovetights lovetights 7 years
Hi I would not be able to do without my black pantyhose or black opaque tights - they are an essential part of my everyday wear. Sarah
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
I wanna know the right/wrong ways to wear them!
sandinmytoes sandinmytoes 9 years
yes! i love tights. i wear more skirts in the fall/winter than the warm months!!
thoroughlymodern thoroughlymodern 9 years
A couple of weeks ago I wore long leggings under a dress one day and tights and a skirt a few days later. I was all excited that it was finally cold enough. Ha. Now the temperature's back in the eighties again and I've all but made the full regression into my summer wardrobe. But the tights are on standby...
Asia84 Asia84 9 years
i'm not really into them. but i won't say that i will never wear them.
LeninaCrowne LeninaCrowne 9 years
i would if i looked good in them
AMP AMP 9 years
For sure. Was wearing them last winter too.
bugness bugness 9 years
I love my tights! In fact I need to get some more.
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 9 years
I've been wearing tights since before they were "in". So I guess that makes me either very fashion forward or very out.
nikecold nikecold 9 years
There's no fall where I live. But I don't like tights anyway I really don't need to be reminded of when I was a kid, plus they just seem kind of ridiculous to me. I'm not much of a trend follower, but I don't mind seeing the tights on other people. I'd probably only wear them on halloween or things like that, because I'm sure I'd feel stupid in them otherwise.
Kelly-O Kelly-O 9 years
Not quite cold enough here yet, although there have been some mornings with enough chill to be tempting.
Passion4Fashion Passion4Fashion 9 years
I have, moreso for fashion than weather. I bought a few tunics that I have been wearing as dresses (with hot pants underneath, nothing scandelous!) and I've been wearing tights with them.
partysugar partysugar 9 years
Nope not yet for me!
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
you don't need to censor a nipple. If anyone here hasn't seen a nipple in their lives.... That's a much bigger problem. :)
bp21sugar bp21sugar 9 years
i love tights, stockings, and leggings. i live in northeastern pa it's chilly this time of year and our winters are cold and snowy
DCStar DCStar 9 years
Wow, nice legs!!!
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 9 years
it's not quite cold enough here.
looseseal looseseal 9 years
Black tights with a little black dress. Winter is great here. Just a little cool and not so cold that you'd freeze. Sure waited long enough this year for the weather to cool down again after that long, long summer of heatwave after heatwave.
acemonkey acemonkey 9 years
It's not cold enough for me to wear them yet. When it does get cold, they look great with boots.
baltimoregal baltimoregal 9 years
Tights, yes- black tights w/ black skirt & colorful top RULE. White tights should be banned- Along with pantyhose and nylons!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Yes I am :) I wore them just the other day :)
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Where I come from you have to wear more than a pair of tights when it gets "cold". So no. And they remind me of when I was in 3rd grade..
vinnie vinnie 9 years
i'm wearing tights despite the fact that it is still in the 70s in LA. It's November for pete's sake!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Nope, I'm not a big tights fan. It gets chilly and then mild here so I'm not bringing them out just yet...
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