Ever since that chocolate fashion show the other day, I've been having a serious sweets craving. But while it may not be practical to clothe yourself in chocolate, you can easily incorporate it into your beauty routine. Especially with the holidays approaching, there are tons of great chocolate-scented beauty products to make you irresistible from head-to-toe. Here are some of my yummiest finds.

Philosophy Double Rich Hot Cocoa, $16, available here. This shower gel and bubble bath smells like hot chocolate but will leave you feeling squeaky clean, not sticky.

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette, $98 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, available here. This tried-but-true fragrance famously pioneered notes of chocolate in a sophisticated scent.

Bath & Body Works Temptations Wickedly Hot Chocolate Shimmer Body Cream, $12, available here. This choco-hazelnut lotion will leave your skin with just a bit of shimmer.

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Bella Lucce Dutch Chocolate Sugar Scrub, $18, available here. The brown sugar-like texture of this exfoliating potion makes it look good enough to eat.

Philip B. Chocolate Milk Body Wash, $32, available here. The adorable packaging on this creamy wash adds to the nostalgic indulgence.

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter, $17, available here. Get two jars of the chocolatey version of the Body Shop's famous butters on sale for $28.