The fashion class in France is having an East meets West moment, yesterday it was the Christian Dior and Chinese Artists Exhibit, and today Masataka Matsumura, the creative director of fashion label guiliano Fujiwara, has created an exhibition celebrating the 150 Anniversary of exchanges between France and Japan.

Masataka Matsumura has conceived an exclusive installation to decorate the entrance of the exhibition “The Great Treasures of Soukokuji, Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji – Zen and Art in Kyoto”, that will open on October 15th 2008 at the Petit Palais in Paris. The exhibition, open until December 14th 2008, showcases almost 200 zen masterpieces from 3 of the most celebrated Kyoto temples.

Masataka Matsumura interpretation of zen aesthetics in each giuliano Fujiwara collection translates well to a contemporary vision of serene design which is reflected in his work for the installation.

A series of meditation cushions in natural materials, together with a sculpture in the 5 colours that symbolize Buddhism, will mark the path to access the exhibition, introducing its rarefied and essential atmosphere and enhancing its contents, deeply rooted in Japan’s aesthetic as well as spiritual tradition.