You Don't Have to Be a Wes Anderson Fan to Love These Nautical Adidas Sneakers

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Wes Anderson's critically acclaimed film The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou made a lasting impression on many people. Bill Murray, who plays the main character Steve Zissou, is beloved for his nautical sense of style. Fans were especially smitten by the custom Adidas Rom sneakers featured in the film. The white low-tops followed the aquatic theme with their ocean-blue stripes and bright yellow shoe laces.

After years of waiting, Adidas secretly released 100 limited-edition pairs of the sneakers, which sold out immediately during the We Love Green music festival in Paris. The company even had Seu Jorge — whose music was featured on the movie's soundtrack — perform during the event. While it's still up for debate whether the brand will have a wide release of these famous shoes one day soon, you can buy a similar pair to fill the void in the meantime.