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adore vintage? this is the place for you.

Rodellee_3 >> When she was five, an age when the rest of us are just learning how to tie our shoes and keep our underwear under our dresses, Rodellee Marie had already accumulated a collection of twelve pairs of shoes with matching handbags.  Now, twenty-odd years later, Rodellee (left) runs one of the most popular vintage stores online, Adore Vintage

Flower_skirt So how did she move from point A to point B?  "I have always wanted to a own a clothing line or be somehow involved in fashion, and the idea came to me a couple of summers ago when I started collecting vintage clothing,"  Rodellee tells fashionologie.  "I had gathered some very lovely pieces, but unfortunately some did not fit."  After some thought, it came to her: "I wanted to create an online store that showcased the beauty of vintage clothing but kept today's trend and styles in mind." 

Red_dress_2 And that is exactly what Adore Vintage is all about -- Rodellee has a knack for finding quality  pieces from yesterday and styling them in ways that can very easily be worn today.   Take any piece on her site -- there's no risk whatsoever of it looking outdated -- if anything, it will err on the opposite side, and look fashion-forward.  So what's Rodellee's secret for finding such great pieces?  "In the Philippines the fashion culture is greatly influenced by other countries, so growing up I started with a very eclectic taste for shoes and clothing,"  Rodellee explains.  "When I lived in Europe, I began to really fall in love with folkloric looks, the Turq_blouseembroidery, the patterns, the colors.  Modern-day Europe is much more sleek and I took a bit of that also.  I've always paid very close attention to colors and details.  Actually, when I choose pieces, the colors may remind me of the ocean water by my hometown in Cebu (the Philippines), or a pattern may remind me of a particular day at the open-air market in Budapest."   

So what should we look to Rodellee for in the future?  "I would love to open up an actual little boutique someday, as well as do more work as a stylist for photo editorials and maybe personal styling."  And for Adore Vintage?  "I have been working on expanding with a men's line.  I'm also in the middle of adding some new features and doing a slight different design."  We wait in anticipation, Rodellee!

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