Michelle_oscar >> I have a serious love/hate relationship with awards shows.  I love them because its fun to see what everyone's wearing.  But I hate them because everyone's always so safe -- they always wear black or white or beige or ivory or blush or blah, because they're too scared their dress is going to get panned the next day in the papers.  Which is why Michelle Williams is my new favorite person.  She wore purple Givenchy Haute Couture to the Golden Globes a couple months ago, and tonight to the Oscars she wore tangerine Vera Wang.  Every time they panned the cameras over the audience, you could always spot Michelle as the orange in the sea of black and white.  And I like that -- the fact that she's not afraid to try something different. 

Michelle_gglobes_1 Not only are the colors of her dresses standout, the shapes are too -- she doesn't go with the safe column dress shape that everyone else does, her dress choices have enough unique details that allow them to stand out.  Her Oscar dress had the tulle at the v-neck, and the tucks at the hip.  And her Golden Globes dress...well, does that look like a column dress to you?  She pulls both dresses off beautifully, and I applaud her for that.