This Portuguese Bride's Caped Wedding Dress Took 135 Hours to Create — and It Came Out a Masterpiece

Perhaps you've heard of London label Sophia Kah, but if you haven't, let us introduce you to Ana Teixeria de Sousa, the Portuguese designer behind the famous eveningwear looks. Of course, when it came time for her own nuptials, Ana made it her duty to stitch her own gown from start to finish (she confirmed to Vogue this took 135 hours) and then dress her bridesmaids too. But that's not all — Ana spent an extra 100 hours embroidering her lovely veil that swept the floor behind her as she walked down the aisle at Casa de Mateus.

Ana and her now-husband Philippe Schmitz invited all their friends and family to party at the Portugal palace amidst a very vibrant atmosphere, and the guest shots made for some of the best Instagrams from the weekend. Not that any of them could distract from Ana's masterpiece of a bridal look, of course. Read on to soak up every gorgeous detail, and admire the bride's dress from every angle. Spoiler: the long train barely fits into the frame of a single photo.

Ana's Grecian-Inspired Wedding Gown Took 135 Hours to Create

It Featured Unique Embroidery on the Bodice

Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves Completed the Gown Up Top

Meanwhile, a French Veil That Took 100 Hours to Create Swept the Floor

Ana's Lovely Bouquet Matched Her Dress and Complemented the Surroundings

Her Design Was Caped and Extended Behind Her as She Walked the Palace Stairs

They Pretty Much Matched the Lavish, Colorful Cake

And the Enchanted Forest Theme of the Evening

The Guest 'Grams Made For Some of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Every Dress Was More Colorful and Striking Than the Last

The Bridesmaids Matched the Bouquets of Flowers Planted on the Palace Grounds

They Twirled Their Skirts

Some Even Brought Standout Accessories

Ana Also Celebrated in This 2-Piece Lace Set

She Designed the Coordinate Set Herself

Her Evening Look Was Sparkly and Embellished With Gemstones