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anglomanic, part II: so designers can dress themselves after all

>>  Usually designers do perfectly well dressing other people, but they have serious issues dressing themselves.  But last night at the Costume Institute Gala I had fun watching it be the other way around -- the designers looked great, but some of their guests... ay!

Charlotte_nicLike Nic Ghesquiere, for example (who has just been named to the TIME 100, by the by).  He looks quite dashing -- nonchalant, laidback -- love the jacket and skinny tie.  But Charlotte Gainsbourg... she looks like his sixties spacecase bride... straight out of Barbarella.  The flower power flower-looking thing on the front of her belt doesn't help with that whole image.  Her makeup and hair look very sweet, but from the neck down... Nic, you've been on such a roll at Balenciaga.  Why stop now?

Sienna_chrisAgain the contrast with Christopher Bailey of Burberry and Sienna Miller.  Christopher went for the classic tux -- can't knowck him for that.  It would have been cooler if he had gone for tails, but... he's at Burberry, so we have to expect him to go with the classic.  Sienna on the other hand... so many points of mistake making -- the hairdo that's not really done (and not in a good way), the in-your-face (literally) tan, the Edie look that she needed to move on from about five years ago... I'll stop before I really get on a roll -- but Christopher, did you really have to encourage the obsession?

Sjp_mcqueen_2I love Alexander McQueen for pulling off the tartan and kilt.  It looks so right on him.  And then the look just dies on Sarah Jessica Parker.  One half of the dress or the other had the potential to work on her, but together... it's too much.  I wish they hadn't modified it from the runway -- the balance between the nude and tartan was good as is, and I mean if you're going to go as all out as she did, she might as well do the runway version with the cool little black feathered hat.  But I respect her for having the guts to do something different.

Charlize_galliano_3 As for John Galliano, by now you just have to know to take him as he is.  I love him for wearing the ridiculous things he does.  I mean, who else can you think of that would wear sparkly silver pants, a polka-dotted vest, cowboy boots... yeah, no one.  Charlize, well, I'm so glad to see someone wearing a lovely Dior dress in that color.  But in typical Hollywood fashion, it just feels so safe, so restrained, so careful on her.  I want to say I like it, but I just can't bring myself to.

FridaPheebs_2Finally, a couple of designers who I thought looked very classy: Frida Giannini of Gucci and Pheobe Philo of some-brand-hopefully-very-soon.   I love Phoebe's jewelry, and we're just going to ignore Hamish Bowles in the picture with her, because I have no idea what the heck he thinks he is wearing. 

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