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the armani armada himself

Giorgioarmani_fit_5 >>  When Giorgio Armani spoke at FIT on Tuesday, The Cut caught up with him briefly and got some great tidbits out of him.  He speaks only in Italian — George Clooney was interpreting for him on the Gala's red carpet Monday night — so hopefully nothing got lost in translation, but interesting, nonetheless.

  • So diplomatic when asked about Anna's Costume Institute gala dress choice — he knows how to who not to cross, unlike some others: "Well, Anna made a choice based on theme.  The theme of the evening was superheroes, so she decided to dress within the theme.  One may like it, one may not like it, but she was definitely within the theme." 
  • When asked about the drama with Cathy Horyn and if she'll ever be invited to an Armani show again, he was much more frank:  "It depends, maybe we'll have a meeting and clear things up, but I'm someone who speaks through his clothing and therefore I let my clothes speak for me.  If somebody is not able to understand my message through my clothes, then they should ask me.  And when I explain, they should write what I say, and not other things."

I have to say that I disagree with his stance on his relationship with critics . . . yes, your clothes should speak for you, but as for someone not "understand[ing]" what you're trying to get across, it's bound to happen.  It's a subjective thing, and not everyone is going to have access to ask you what you were trying to do. 

The whole point of being a critic is to say what you think, your impressions, if Cathy was to write what Mr. Armani told her to, it would nullify the point of her being a critic, and make her more in the category of public relations, no?

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