Atlantic-Pacific's Blair Eadie Reveals 1 Big Misconception About Fashion Bloggers

If you've ever gotten lost on blogger Blair Eadie's Instagram feed, scrolling through feminine outfits and wishing you owned them all, you're not alone. After years of posting to Atlantic-Pacific, she's developed a signature style that's a mix of sweet, classic, and modern, and we've imagined her closet — full of A-line skirts and sunglasses galore — as something pretty and polished, just like her.

So when we had the chance to chat with Blair about her partnership with Barbour — an opportunity, she admits, she was "flattered" by, since she admires the outerwear and accessories brand so much — we had to ask her: did she have any organizing tips or tricks to share? Her answer, ahead, was the last thing we expected, as she revealed a tidy home is probably a big misconception when it comes to fashion influencers. Read on for a description of what her space actually looks like, and be prepared to laugh a little and relate.

"My apartment looks horrible," Blair told us with a laugh when we asked for organization tips. "There's stuff everywhere. I'm literally pulling things out of piles, like, 'Ummmm . . . this?' I just did the dreaded New York City closet swap this weekend, where I swapped out my Spring and Summer [clothes] for my Fall and Winter. I'm like, I need a hug."

"I think what's really funny is that sometimes, when you're super into fashion and style, it doesn't always translate into being very creative and interesting in other parts of your life," Blair said. "A lot of people ask, 'What does your apartment look like?' or, 'Are you into cooking?' There's this misconception that a lot of people have moved their fashion space into more of a lifestyle. People are always like, well, if you love fashion, you must be really good at interior decorating, and organizing, and you must be into cooking. And like . . . nah. It ends with fashion. That's it. So . . . "

"Once you get those organization tips, you can pass them on to me, because I need a lot of help in that department!"