Bella Hadid Proves the Denim Miniskirt Will Forever Be a Fashion Girl Staple

Everyone has their own go-to uniform, whether it be jeans and a white tee or an all-black outfit. And like us, Bella Hadid too has found an outfit she swears by: denim on denim. Unless you follow her style closely, you can't immediately tell this is her go-to choice, but after we combed through her street style snaps, we found more than enough proof the model loves this Spring trend. Despite its stigma for being hard to pull off, Bella's shown us you can wear the style from coast to coast and season to season. She's worn Canadian tuxedos in Spring (a denim jacket and mini skirt combo) and in Winter (jeans and a denim jacket).

Although this is Bella's safety-net outfit, there is nothing "safe" about the way she works her combos. She can take denim on denim to an edgy level (with chokers and fishnet tights) or tones it down with a bohemian twist and with distressed styles in lighter washes. That's the magic of this uniform: you can wear it multiple ways and it still looks fresh. Scroll on to see how Bella's mastered denim on denim and if you're in need of further outfit inspiration, our ultimate guide on how to wear the trend should do the trick.

Getty | SMXRF/Star Max

Bella Hadid wore a cropped denim jacket with her frayed GRLFRND denim skirt and Schutz heels.

Getty | Gotham

For Gigi's 22nd birthday, Bella turned to her go-to look of denim on denim. This time, she wore embroidered rose patterns on her Adam Selman jacket and jeans.


Bella proved denim's versatility when she stepped out in this faded-black ensemble. She wore a fishnet body suit under her tee and matched her jacket to her jeans. The outfit had a touch of edginess thanks to her boots, choker, and matrix-style shades.


Two words: Canadian tuxedo. Bella gave it a 2017 spin, however, with a black crop top and chokers. Everything about her outfit, from the over-size jacket to the flared pants, screamed casual and cool.


The back of her denim jacket even held a surprise, featuring graphics and quotes.


Denim jackets and jeans are an easy combo, but Bella took it up a notch with this denim mini skirt. She kept it sexy underneath with a sheer shirt that showed off her bralette.


The model's been wearing denim on denim since last year, proving this outfit is her go to every time. For the warm weather, Bella ditched the darker colors and opted for a light, distressed mini to go with her cropped denim jacket. The squeaky-clean white booties gave her look a Summertime feel.


When your denim jacket collection includes all fits and colors, it's easy to pull together a denim-on-denim look. Bella invested in a washed-out black piece to go with her GRLFRND mini. Instead of ankle boots this time, the model wore over-the-knee boots for a sexy and sassy vibe.


White lace-up jeans might not be your pick of choice, but when paired with a light blue denim trench you have to admit the outfit is worth a try. Bella's got the right idea on mixing two different colored denims together.