10 Eyeglass Chains You Didn't Know Your Frames Needed

Aug 4 2022 - 12:35pm

Let's get one thing straight: eyeglass chains transcend generations. What once was considered an accessory reserved for grandparents [1] is now a high-fashion staple. These linked strings aren't only functional, but they can also be worn in a number of ways to elevate your everyday style. Whether you decide to dangle a chain off your eyeglasses, sunglasses [2], or face mask, [3] most come with clasps that can be clipped on to anything — and can even be worn as a necklace (if you like it enough).

Eyewear chains are a great way to dress up a plain pair of sunglasses and give them a pop of style, no matter your personal taste. No, really: there are so many eyeglass chains on the market, you're bound to find something that suits you. There are classic gold chains, chunky chains, pearl chains, designer chains, and options in every color of the rainbow. Plus, we can't forget the functional aspect — they make glasses almost impossible to lose.

If you're looking to take a pair of eyeglasses or sunnies up a notch, try one of our favorite fashionable chain attachments ahead. Toss your glasses around your neck when you're in a shady area, and pop 'em back on when the sun's too bright to handle. Once you get used to having a glasses chain, you'll never want to go without one again.

Best Cheap Eyeglass Chain: ASOS Eye Sunglasses Chain

A chain that's affordable and stylish? That's what you get with the ASOS Eye Sunglasses Chain [5] ($8, originally $10). The gold link comes with tiny evil eyes attached and is designed to hold sunglasses (although it can also hold regular glasses, too), with two rubber loops on its ends to ensure they will stay in place.

Best Neutral Eyeglass Chain: Lele Sadoughi Eyeglasses Chain

You'll never lose a pair of glasses again with the oversize Lele Sadoughi Eyeglasses Chain [6] ($45). It's designed with a black tortoiseshell pattern that is super versatile and can match a number of sunnies and outfits you own. If you like it enough, its clasps can even be hooked together to use as a statement necklace.

Best Pearl Eyeglass Chain: Frame Queen Pearl Eyeglass Chain

The extremely elegant Frame Queen Pearl Eyeglass Chain [7] ($377) is made up of glistening pearls that come in all shapes and sizes. We love its chic design, which adds a nice touch to eyeglasses or sunnies. Its rubber ends also make it easy to switch between frames, so you can pair it with any glasses you own.

Best Wooden Eyeglass Chain: Off the Grid Wooden Sunglass Chain

Add a little color to your every day with this Off the Grid Wooden Sunglass Chain [8] ($38). The chain is made of chunky multicolor beads that are adorned with wooden details. Its cotton cord loops make it easy to attach to your favorite frames, ensuring they always stay close.

Best Chunky Eyeglass Chain: Public Desire Oversized Chunky Glasses Chain

If you want a chunky chain that'll make a statement, go for this Public Desire Oversized Chunky Glasses Chain [9] ($9, originally $12). The chain pairs well with thin eyeglass frames and has rubber hoops to ensure they stay in place. Wear it with a pair of slick sunnies, and watch as the compliments roll in.

Best Beaded Eyeglass Chain: Lele Sadoughi Bead and Disc Eyeglass/Mask Chain

The tiny beads Lele Sadoughi Bead and Disc Eyeglass/Mask Chain [10] ($85) make it a perfect accessory for eyeglasses or face masks and remind us of the beaded friendship bracelets everyone wore in the early aughts. The chain includes hooks, rubber loops, and spring ring attachments.

Best Long Eyeglass Chain: Solid Color Glasses and Mask Chain

If you want to make a statement, go for this Solid Color Glasses and Mask Chain [11] ($18). The chain's chunky beaded design is a must for anyone who worries of losing their eyeglasses or sunnies. It even comes with a lobster clasp for masks, so you can mix and match it.

Best Designer Eyeglass Chain: Gucci Chain Logo in Gold & Brown

Gucci has dominated streetwear over the past few years, and this Gucci Chain Logo in Gold & Brown [12] ($595) goes with the vibe. The gold-and-brown charm accents can be spotted from a mile away, and it even comes with the pictured sunnies so that you can have the whole setup.

Best Gold Eyeglass Chain: Frame Chain Chunky Monkey Eyeglass Chain

Keep your favorite shades close with this Frame Chain Chunky Monkey Eyeglass Chain [13] ($176). The chunky chain gives major '90s vibes and would pair nicely with all your other gold jewelry. Adorned with a "Frame Chain" pendant on its side, this chain is great for sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Best Short Eyeglass Chain: Frame Chain Hook Eyeglass Chain

Not all eyeglass chains need to be worn around your neck, and this Frame Chain Hook Eyeglass Chain [14] ($215) proves it. The small chain can wrap around your wrist and is a fun way to keep eyeglasses on hand. It's a great sunny-day accessory that can easily be adjusted in size.

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