The Most Travel-Friendly Shoe's Been in Front of Your Face All Along

Most of us probably pack one too many shoes for vacation. And — dare we say this out loud — we hardly ever wear all the options we cram into our suitcases. We know this isn't the most convenient way to travel, especially when you go abroad and need room to bring back souvenirs. That's why we challenged ourselves: find one shoe that does the work of 10 pairs.

After browsing several blogger feeds (because these ladies are the ultimate jet-setters), we've concluded that all fashion girls really need is a cute, sturdy pair of ankle boots. We prefer a flat style for trekking hills or stomping down the road, but a tiny heel is comfortable too if you're city-bound. Scroll on to see all the outfits you can create with these boots alone, then shop some options before your next getaway.

A pair of sweats can easily be tucked into flat ankle booties.

Chunky boots are good for off-roading adventures and look edgy with denim shorts.

When you don't want to wear heels with your slip dress, an embellished boot's an excellent alternative.

Chiara Ferragni's proof you can rock combat boots in the Summer, especially with a minidress and denim jacket.

Don't forget your printed boots. They're just as travel friendly when paired with neutral outfits.

Invest in a boot with a tiny heel for a height boost while still maintaining comfort.

An ankle-rise pair is perfect for city outings.

Boots can be worn with dresses, jeans, shorts, and more.

Every blogger packs a pair of flat booties for vacation.