20 Colorful Vans We Can't Wait to Wear This Summer

May 29 2020 - 11:11am

There's something so cool about owning a pair of Vans [1] — after all, they're a classic for a reason. Since these shoes are a summer staple, we decided it's time to create a list of the best Vans of the season. The brand recently released a mule version of its classic black-and-white slip-on sneakers [2]. You better believe we'll be wearing these with a pair of cutoffs and a tank top while we're hanging out in the backyard. We're also obsessed with the brand's collaboration with NYC designer Sandy Liang [3]. The collab is bursting with early-2000s trends, like shoes in a blush-pink velour material, which reminds us of our favorite velour sweatsuits of yore. Some of the shoes also have metal charms and built-in ankle bracelets!

If you're more of a tie-dye person, we've got you covered there as well. The brand's Aura collection [4] will keep you in good spirits (and maybe good fortune!) with its tie-dye hues. We've also included the brand's glitter style, which is perfect for days you want to be a little extra. If you're more into the classics, we've included some of the brand's iconic designs, like the checkered slip-ons or Old Skools. Keep reading to check out our favorites of the season and shop these affordable picks.

Vans Aura Shift Old Skool

How gorgeous are these Vans Aura Shift Old Skools [6] ($65)?

Vans Checkerboard Sk8-Hi Tapered

These Vans Checkerboard Sk8-Hi Tapered [7] ($65) come in a fun pink pattern.

Vans Glitter Daisies Era Platform

These Vans Glitter Daisies Era Platforms [8] ($65) are perfect for the summer.

Vans Solar Floral Era

These Vans Solar Floral Eras [9] ($60) have a fun leaf print.

Vans Dark Aura Old Skool

How trippy are these Vans Dark Aura Old Skools [10] ($65)?

Vans X Sandy Liang Era

These Vans X Sandy Liang Era [11] ($95) are just the coolest.

Vans Refract Authentic

These Vans Refract Authentics [12] ($55) have a rainbow pattern.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

Don't these Vans Checkerboard Slip-Ons [13] ($50) remind you of the ocean?

Vans Tie-Dye Checker ComfyCush Old Skool

These Vans Tie-Dye Checker ComfyCush Old Skools [14] ($70) are so fun.

Vans Patchwork Vans Sport

For a '90s look, wear these Vans Patchwork Vans Sports [15] ($70).

Vans Multi Tropic Slip-On

These Vans Multi Tropic Slip-Ons [16] ($55) are so tropical.

Vans Old Skool Mule

Backless Vans Old Skool Mules [17] ($60)? Yes, please.

Vans Aura Shift Sk8-Hi

These Vans Aura Shift Sk8-His [18] ($70) come in a subtle tie-dye.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Espadrille SF

For a classic look, try these red Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Espadrilles [19] ($57).

Vans Neon Old Skool

These Vans Neon Old Skools [20] ($60) come in a bright neon pink.

Vans Glitter Old Skool Stacked

Looking for shoes with glitter? Then these Vans Glitter Old Skool Stacked Shoes [21] ($80) are for you.

Vans Mother Earth Era

These Vans Mother Earth Eras [22] ($65) feature a print of the planet.

Vans Aloha Shoes

We can pretend we're in Hawaii with these Vans Aloha Shoes [23] ($75).

Vans Rainbow Foxing Sk8-His

For just a touch of color, try these Vans Rainbow Foxing Sk8-His [24] ($65).

Vans Neon Slip-On

Stand out in these Vans Neon Slip-Ons [25] ($50).

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