Blue Ivy Is Downright Obsessed With Her Sparkly Purse, and It's Relatable AF

Let's be real: when your mom is Beyoncé, you've grown up watching some pretty impressive stuff. But as every fashion girl's experienced, we have real love for great accessories — so we can't blame Blue Ivy for getting distracted by her sparkly Gucci cat purse, even right in the middle of her mom's powerful Grammys acceptance speech. After all, the hot-pink plexiglass clutch has Swarovski crystal eyes! Sorry, Beyoncé, but a girl's love affair with the perfect purse is something nobody should deny.

Naturally, the internet related hard when Blue Ivy took every possible opportunity to show off her It bag to the cameras, and her obsession with the glittery clutch became an instant viral sensation. Read on for some of the best reactions!