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the boots and i, we're having a love affair

the boots and i, we're having a love affair

1_001_5>> And it's getting pretty darn serious.  And by serious, I mean, I pretty much want every boot that I lay my eyes on.  I think it's a side effect of that season we call "autumn" -- my favorite season to shop.  Because, let's face it, fall clothes are so much more fun than spring clothes -- there's more to wear at once, more you can do, without the worry of getting hot.  Or maybe you will be hot, with boots like these -- it is inevitable, after all.    

I first laid eyes on these in Nylon -- I think it's the color that smote me.  Or maybe it's just the beautiful styling that Nylon always does.  Either way, I'm taken with these boots, with their green leather and their slouchiness and their cuff.

1_002_3And then there's the booties... a newfound love for me.  I used to turn my head in disgust, but I've had a change of heart.  Again, these are seen in Nylon -- probably my favorite ones I've seen thus far.  But Anthropologie does have three or four oxford-inspired pairs up their sleeves.  Like these...or these...or these...or last but not least, these.

VictBut wait, there's more... the flat boots.  These are the killers -- so many shapes and sizes to love.  There's the slim short Victorians (right), the loose slouchy average heights, and the willowy tall ones.

Ankle_1If the flats are the killers, these ankle boots are the serial killers --  I was a goner the moment I saw them.  The ankle height, the flared suede, the bow.  Delicious, Moschino, just yum.  And I have to give Target mad props for producing a much more price-conscious option that can be worked with -- just slouch it down, and add a bit of velvet ribbon.    

Sigh... I've really gone to town, now, haven't I.  Oh well.  It's probably lust, not love, anyway.  (Or I can keep telling myself that, at least).

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