Gemma_bb >>  I'm sorry, but after seeing these pictures all over the internet, I can't help but say something.  Gemma Ward cannot and should not be made to look like Brigitte Bardot.  Sure, the Katharine Hepburn look works for Daria, but when I look at this set of pictures, all I see is Gemma in a bad Dolly Parton 'do.  Yeah, they gave her the smoky, sultry BB eyes,  but the hair -- it's so big and incongruous, that's all I can look at.  It has a life of it's own.  Gemma's face is so round already, the big hair look isn't flattering on her -- sleek hair looks five billion times better on her.  Besides, Gemma is so unique looking in the first place -- that is her strength -- why take it away from her by making her look like someone else?  Kaiser Karl, the photographer, should have known better.  Glenda Bailey, Harper's editor, should have known better.

One more picture from the set here.