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>> Growing up, I had many a friend who thought they were fashion divas because they swore by one simple fashion rule: brown and black can absolutely positively not go together. EVER.  The frog over there against the wall in the brown belt and black shoes?  Gag me with a spoon!  Don't even think about looking at him, much less talking to him! 

I always questioned this monomanic fashion philosophy, but at the time I was a pubescent preteen who just wanted to fit in.  Thank God I've grown up since then and can finally see the light.  I'm here this evening to convince you that brown and black can go together, very well in fact, if done correctly.

Carrie_br_bl_2 Case Study #1:  Carrie Bradshaw

Yes, I know Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character, but no one (no, not even you) can deny the fashion icon-ness of Ms. Bradshaw.  So let's take a looksie at that picture over there on the left.  We have the white pumps, the black pinstriped suit, and oh! what's this? a brown beret.  Pshah, you say, Carrie has eclectic style.  It's sheer coincidence.  Well, I say, let's move on.

Case Study #2: Kate MossBlack_brown_kate

This goes without saying, but say it I will.  Kate Moss is the undisputed fashion icon our times.  If you were unaware, I'm really not sure what you're doing here.  (Actually, please read on.  A little education would do you a bit of good.) 

Exhibit A:  As you can see on the right, Ms. Moss is wearing a brown belt and black shoes.  Remember the frog from my junior high years?  Seems she was just channeling a little bit of Kate Kate_cfda3 Moss.  There's nothing wrong with that, now is there, Sienna

Exhibit B:  On the left, Ms. Moss is wearing a gorgeous brown and black (shocking!) Dior Couture dress and Cartier jewelry, in which she accepted her Award for Fashion Influence at the 2005 CFDA Fashion Awards.  Imagine that.  Someone who wears so much brown and black together getting anKface_cfda  award like that.  Kate Moss, I love you and your I-just-had-sex hair.       

I end with a shout out to you so-called fashion divas I knew in my middle school years: Your little philosophy is flawed.  Eat that.   

Other winners at the 2005 CFDA Fashion Awards (06.06.05)

Pictures of other 2005 CFDA Fashion Awards Attendees

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