The 5 Cardigans Every Girl Needs in Her Closet — and How to Wear Them

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To some, cardigans may be considered the sole territory of substitute teachers and churchgoing grandmothers. But I beg to differ! A cardigan is a versatile — not to mention straight-up useful — wardrobe staple. A perfect defense against overactive air conditioning and tricky transitional temperatures, the button-up knit is a worthy piece to have in your closet — and there are so many unexpected ways to wear it!

And fear not — a cardigan doesn't have to be worn with a matching shell or look like you picked it up from a country club's lost and found bin. In fact, there are five primary cardi styles that every girl should own — and each will transition you straight into Fall with ease.

Click over to Lucky for the five cardigans you need in your Fall wardrobe.