The Leather Overalls Aren't Even the Coolest Part of Celine Dion's Outfit

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With the help of stylist Law Roach, Celine Dion is boldly reinventing her look. The latest testament to that? Just ask yourself, did you ever think you'd seen the Heart-of-the-Ocean wearing, "My-heart-will-go-on" belting Ms. Dion wearing leather overalls? Yeah, same here — but we don't hate it.

The iconic singer pulled the piece off easily, balancing the trend with a classic white button-down. She didn't stop there. You know that fashion adage about removing one item before leaving the house? Yeah, Roach clearly doesn't believe in it, because Celine didn't scale back on the accessories. She doubled down, adding eye-catching crystal-studded shades and then a pair of embellished white open-toed booties, catching our eye from every angle. Read on to see how she pulled it all together, then shop the essentials from her outfit.