>> Never say never, eh?  We must admit, we were never big fans of Louis Vuitton bags. This season is totally different, however – Takahashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton were a match made in heaven.  Their newest offspring, the Cerises line, has everybody and their mom wanting it, even – oh, the horror – us.  On sale for a mere $1,140, the sac plat makes us slightly hesitant to whip out the trusty ol’ carte de credit – a fruit product should never cost more than a pocket full of change. 

So if you can’t quite afford the real deal, there are plenty of other eye (cherry)-poppin’ options.    


These big, ripe babies are just ready to dangle from your ears – at only 1% of the LV asking price.  $18 at

Kewlfinds_chearrings_2 If elegance is your bag, this handmade pair will make life a bowl full of cherries.  $25 by stitch pixie


What’s that we hear?  Vintage is your scene?  These wooden cherries with vintage acrylic leaves are right up your alley.  $16 at naughty secretary club

Lepore_chskirt Cha cha cherry your way through a grand life in this coquette sequined and silk number by Nanette Lepore.  $265 at goclothing


Mmm...juicy cherries on a Juicy terry tote – life is so sweet.  $195 by Juicy Couture

Vigotti_chshoes_1 These chic 50’s-style heels are cherry-picked goodness that will complement perfectly all those circle skirts you’ve been salivating over.  $167.95 by Vigotti