How to Stay Stylish For Life, According to 1 Very Chic New Yorker

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Claire Distenfeld is one of those quintessential New Yorkers you'd trust for styling advice immediately upon meeting her on the street. Her outfits always look effortless, but they have a chic, old-time appeal. That's usually because Claire's incorporated one standout, special piece. Whether it's a magnificent pair of earrings or a brightly colored duster with intricate stitching, Claire shops for items that appear "otherworldly" and unique.

That approach to fashion has become her signature and it's allowed her to curate the luxury destination Fivestory, which is located uptown and shoppable online. Fivestory boasts a collection of the latest and greatest in fashion, art, and home goods. So while a quick browse through the site will let you know what's "in," we thought it even better to talk to Claire directly. Ahead, you'll find her guide to Spring's biggest trends, along with general styling tips and tricks she swears by. Scroll for a lesson in elevating your wardrobe this season, complete courtesy of Claire.

Claire's Current Fashion Icon
Getty | Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Claire's Current Fashion Icon

"Diana Vreeland and every woman painted by Gustav Klimt."

The Biggest Trend in Fashion Right Now

"I think shoppers are looking for value in their purchases. They are asking themselves questions like, 'Is this unique?' 'How many ways can I wear this?' 'Is this a forever piece or is this a trend?' I think what women want now is to wear things that feel special, almost otherworldly. Like something you would pick up on the other side of the world — something that has meaning, history, and substance."

The 1 Thing Claire's Wearing on Repeat

"I travel a lot and have always loved collecting things on my travels. I made the decision that every time I took a trip I would go and meet the local artisans and start creating Fivestory label products that have this 'otherworldliness.' Our first four collections were these incredible caftans we made in Marrakech. The quality is amazing and they are extremely unique and versatile. You can wear them to a black-tie event or over a bathing suit. That's how I think a woman wants to shop these days: without rules or boundaries and with full range to express herself."

The Ultimate Statement Piece to Keep in Rotation Year Round

The Shoes Every Woman Should Own

"A great pair of black boots, a great white sneaker, and a pair of brown suede pointy toe shoes."

Styling Tips For Wearing Kimonos and Dusters

"They say there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's . . . there's also no wrong way to wear a duster. Don't be nervous about where to wear it. It's like salt — it goes with everything. You just need to throw it on!"

The Easiest Go-To Airport Look

"Always jeans, a white t-shirt, a navy blazer, and either slides or white sneakers. It's clean and polished, and all those items are rewearable on any trip."

What to Wear to a Wedding

"Find your power color — everyone has one — that color that makes you feel like you! Mine's green, so I love looking for green gowns. They should be flowy and feminine, never too sexy or revealing."

The 1 Power Piece Every Woman Should Save For Life

"A great tuxedo jacket. So versatile. Wearing a clean, well-tailored tuxedo to a fancy event is the most sexy, powerful feeling!"