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color me sienna


>>  So you can find her name in a crayon box...  you can't find her style anywhere (except on Kate Moss, some would argue).  Honestly, I think she's great.  The thing that attracts me most to this so-called "It" girl is her ability to look fashionable and yet comfortable at the same time.  Now that's a feat, especially considering01_1  that the cameras are always rolling on her.  Some would feel the pressure and just overdo the self-styling (cough Messica Simpson cough).  I'm not even just talking about the comfort of her clothing - while it is true that her clothes do tend to look genuinely comfortable (no stilettos for Sienna while walking her Sienna_boots_5puppies...sad...), I also think she looks comfortable in her own personal style.  She's one of the few in the spotlight that consistently reuses accessories over and over.  Like her cowboy boots (above right), for example.  Of course she wears them all the time, you say, that's her trademark!  True, but she doesn't just do it with cowboy boots.  I've also seen her do it with Uggs, her Gucci thigh-high bootsSienna_acces, black tights (left), her red Balenciaga bag (right), and even a slate blue tiered skirt.  I think that shows true fashion icon potential.  It means she actually has enough imagination to create new looks using the same pieces, rather than just creating a new look from all new pieces (imagine that!).  And that's something I can really respect.     


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