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Portr_erin04 >> David Downton, couture illustrator extraordinaire, recently shared his favorite fashion moments from the past ten years.  My two favorites involve mishaps with dresses -- they show just how ridiculous fashion can be sometimes.  But that's why we love it, right?  And now, for David:

>  After the huge extravaganzas came the intimate shows, back in the salons. We were so close to the models that I had to tuck my knees up under my sketchbook and before I knew it my pen had been abducted by the folds of one of the dresses. I was too afraid to see if it leaked but if there was a Jackson Pollock moment in fashion that year, I’m the one responsible.

> Apart, that is, from John Galliano’s for Dior at the Paris Opéra, which opened with a thunderclap. The first model ran up the enormous sweeping staircase like a reverse Cinderella. The train was so massive it was still at the bottom when she was at the top. Then she began running through the galleries and the dress sent everyone’s champagne glasses flying. All you could hear was the sound of glass shattering and little cries of distress as champagne hit cloth.

Can you imagine all the snooty people horrified at their expensive clothes being ruined by champagne?  Now that's just funny to me. 


But speaking of David, his artistry really is wonderful -- and he has an exhibition going on, "Couture Voyeur," which includes his drawings from Paris fashion shows, 1996 to present.  At the London College of Fashion, April 25 to May 18. 

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