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daria gets down and dirty

Daria_gq_1 >>  A lovely interview of Miss Werbowy, courtesy of the February GQ:

Did you know that you and I were orginally supposed to play basketball for this story?
Really? I would've kicked your ass. I scored thirty-six points in a high school game. I played center. I also play rugby for two years. Write that down.

What kind of beer did you drink in high school?
Molson. But sailing was huge for me, and every sailor drinks rum, so I drank Mount Gay rum, which I can't drink anymore because I puked too many times. [laughs]So...Lancome!

All right, we'll talk about your becoming the face of Lancome and its new fragrance, Hypnose. My problem with perfume is that girls always wear too much of it.
I completely agree. You should just spray it in the air and walk through. That's it.

What about guys and cologne?
I actually perfer cologne. That's why Hypnose is really good, because it's not overly feminine. It's got a spiciness to it.

It's perfume with balls.
Exactly! You've got to the see the shape of the bottle.[laughs] It's very phallic.

I suppose one of the downside of being a model is that when you're on a plane, you sit next to some dude and he won't stop talking to you.
It's funny, because every time I get on a plane, I think, Maybe this time there's going to be a really hot guy sitting beside me.

Never happen?
Never. Well, actually, once. I still keep in touch with him.

Really? Mile-high club: member or not?
[laughs] Member.

Private jet or regular?

First class?
No, thats was when I was still flying coach. [laughs] The good old days. I think the good, real guys fly coach.

So why is it that all models seem to date 40-year-old bald rich French guys?
You know what it is? It's because we're kind of intimidating. I never get picked up. And if I do, it's by a 40-year-old bald man. I don't know, it's such a weird dynamic. The guy I would want would probably never come up to me,so maybe I'll never meet the perfect guy.

The rest of this interview, along with the accompanying photoshoot, can be found here.

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