Hop Aboard the Dior Express For the Cruise Show in London

We hopped over to Rio for Louis Vuitton's Resort show, but for Dior, the next stop is Blenheim Palace in London, where stars like Kiernan Shipka, Kate Mara, and Emma Roberts already took their spots on the train. Here, let some dapper-looking conductors help you find your seat on the Dior Express, then check out the fresh collection that debuted on the runway — led by the new face of the brand, Ms. Bella Hadid. Go ahead, scroll so you don't miss a moment from the pretty little party happening over the pond.

The Party Started at a Pub in London the Night Before the Show

But Then It Was Off to the Dior Express

The Supermodels Made an Entrance

Bella Hadid Prepped Backstage in a Pair of Cranberry Leather Pants

Meanwhile, Showgoers Were Met by Well-Dressed Conductors

Their Uniforms Boasted Every Little Detail

Lunch Was Served on the Train

A Very Lavish One at That

Models and Guests Had a Little Taste of Dior Bubbly

Alexa Chung Dug Right In

The Stars Took Their Seats

Like Emma Roberts.

And Bloggers Too

There goes Chiara Ferragni.

Kate Mara Sat Pretty in Her Bejeweled Dress

Kiernan Shipka Showed Off a Flashy Dior Blazer

The Action Would All Culminate Here, on the Lovely Runway at Blenheim Palace

Where Everyone Remembered to Look Up

The Clothes Featured Embellishments as Bright as Ever

And It Was All About the Scarf Bracelets

Bella Hadid Flashed By in an Ornate Mini

The Backstage Shots Were Just as Glorious

Wide-leg pants met chunky soles, and the look was finished with feminine coats.