According to Eva Chen, These Are the Most Magical Shoes

Though Eva Chen landed in San Francisco to celebrate the launch of her first children's book, Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes, the former magazine editor turned tech-savvy fashion head at Instagram has a formidable career path that makes you want to ask her everything. Fortunately, when we met her ahead of her talk at SF's newly opened women's clubhouse, The Wing, she indulged all of our questions and then some with the candor and humor that have made her as relatable as she is successful.

Step inside to get Eva's take on everything from "magical shoes" to her favorite workout and, of course, a glimpse into her new book, which — spoiler alert — is just as delightful to read as an adult.

Getty | Stefanie Keenan

Pictured above: Eva wearing her "magical" Chanel slingbacks.

POPSUGAR: Do you have a special go-to pair of magical shoes that make you feel like a badass/superwoman/supermom?

Eva Chen: Well, I don't know if they are magical, but anything Chanel is magical, I guess. So Chanel ballet flats and Chanel slingbacks, I wear them all the time.

PS: Does Ren have a favorite shoe of yours?

EC: So Ren's favorite pair of shoes in my closet is a pair of Murakami — Takashi Murakami — Vans, actually. They are bright yellow; they have a flower on them. She loves those shoes.

PS: We love the dedication to your parents in the book! Does your mom have a special pair of shoes that you always wanted?

EC: So my mom has always been very ahead of the curve. She discovered Narciso Rodriguez basically and also, I think, invented athleisure. So, just everything she has done has had a unique style.

PS: Where does the name Juno Valentine come from?

EC: So Ren is my grandmother's name on my dad's side — or part of it. Tao is my grandfather's name on my mom's side, and June was my grandmother on my mom's side, so I have always loved the name Juno.

PS: Writing a children's book has long been a dream of yours. Was this the original idea for it or did it evolve as you had children? When did the inspiration hit?

EC: I have always wanted to write children's books, ever since I was a child myself, but I think the idea of just empowerment, feminism, fairy tale really all kind of came together, you know, in the last two years since "you know who" was elected because I feel like it is really important for young girls. They can never be told enough that they are important — they matter.

PS: Dressing for the book tour looks like it's been a blast — the color, rainbow dresses, and gorgeous shoes. What look has been your favorite and how did you pick your outfits/pack for the trip?

EC: The color palette for my book tour has been rainbow and sparkles and bright. So, my book launch party, I wore this sequin Alberta Ferretti skirt, and I think that has been my favorite so far.

PS: What's your favorite page of the book or favorite scene/moment/illustration?

EC: One of my favorite spreads is actually a reference to a Vogue shoot Annie Leibovitz did with Natalia Vodianova from an Alice in Wonderland-themed story.

PS: What advice would you give to your younger self?

EC: I would say don't feel like you have to have a plan in life. Like, everything will work out as it is supposed to. Just follow your dreams and really chase joy and happiness.

PS: What is your current favorite book to recommend to friends?

EC: Well, I read a lot, and one of the books that stuck with me is called The Queen of the Tearling. And it is a dystopian book kind of set in the future and past at the same time, and it is really good!

PS: Favorite new Instagram handle to follow?

EC: Actually, she's here tonight at this event. Her Instagram is kaydenhines, and she is this Instagram kind of cartoonist-comedian, and her Instagrams are hilarious!

PS: Favorite indulgent treat?

EC: When you have kids, sleep is the ultimate indulgence — and I don't indulge in it frequently enough — so I would have to say sleep.

PS: Favorite workout?

EC: So, I haven't worked out in like two months just because I was sick and I have been busy. But I love doing yoga, and I love doing Pilates.

PS: Show you're currently binge-watching?

EC: I love the show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel [on Amazon]. It is so, so good, so well-written, and just smart and snappy.