The Brand Behind Your Favorite Basics Is Launching $68 Jeans

With ethically sourced, high-quality closet essentials, Everlane's given us cravable cashmere and Italian leather shoes at fair cost — now it's taking on denim. We've yet to see a full range of the collection, but we've got your sneak peek right here, and spoiler alert: it looks good. Made from premium denim fabric sourced in Japan, the jeans are designed to hug you in all the right places with just a hint of stretch. And, like all Everlane products, the jeans are also sustainably manufactured. In fact, the denim is produced in a factory that recycles nearly 100 percent of its water and air-dries each pair of jeans. So you can feel good about every denim purchase you make from Everlane — especially since they ring in at $68, or well below the typical $100-plus premium denim price point.

Have a look at what's to come, and mark your calendars for Sept. 7 when the collection hits — or click over to pre-order now.