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Ah_skullbelt >> I feel like I can't look anywhere lately without a skull staring back at me -- and I don't know whether to love it, or hate it.  I've always loved the bit of rock chic a skull can give the most feminine flowy florally dress, but with the whole Thomas Wylde craze, I feel like skulls have the potential to relive the boho skirt debacle of summer last.  So when looking at Alexandre Herchcovitch's latest, I'm not sure what to think.  I like the skull belts, and I feel some outfit inspiration here: a girly florally dress with some punk chic thrown in. 

But I've had to let this collection sit, age in my mind.  I've found it works that way a lot with me and fashion.  When I first look at a collection (this one for example), I usually hate it.  Especially the ones that bring some element of new -- some way of putting clothes together that I have never seen or thought about before.  And I, like most people, hate change.  But if I let the collections ripen in the back of my mind, I can go back and look at them later and find something in them that I didn't see before.  And that's something that I find really exciting.  These collections that I hate at first are the ones that usually inspire me the most in the end (except for the few that just really do suck all around).  Take Comme des Garcon's spring collection.  I don't think I came across many people who liked it -- all the layering and draping of tartans and plaids.  I was torn about it, too.  But if you look at all the new collections for next fall, what is all over the place?  Plaid.  Tartan.  And that is what I am talking about -- chew on these things that you automatically want to hate for a bit.  You never know what you might get out of it.

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