14 Reasons Shay Mitchell Is the Ultimate Fashion Girl

Sexy swimsuits, stellar red carpet looks, a perfectly curated feed — we've always had an inkling that Shay Mitchell was the ultimate fashion girl. But after doing some research on the Pretty Little Liars star, we're ready to make that title official, crowning her one of the most stylish celebs to follow — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Aside from A+ outfits and vacation inspiration, there are plenty of style-centric facts you might not know about Shay. For instance, were you aware she's tried her hand at designing or that she prefers heels over flats? Read on for a few more tidbits on this 29-year-old, then check out some great looks from PLL's season five.


She Was a Model Before She Was an Actress

After high school, Shay traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, to become a model but soon realized it wasn’t for her. “It didn't take me very long to realize that modeling wasn't very satisfying," she told Teen Vogue. "I was always asking people, 'How are you going to set up this shot? How will it be lit?' And they'd say, 'Stop. Just pose.' I had a problem with that.”

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She Once Starred in a Music Video

Shay plays Sean Paul’s love interest in the 2009 video for “Hold My Hand." She even wears his shirt!


Her Personal Style Is Very Different From Her Pretty Little Liars Character's Style

Unlike Emily's laid-back look, she prefers heels over flats and enjoys getting dressed up. "I'm a bit more of a glamour girl than she is," Shay admitted.


But She Does Love 1 Thing About Emily’s Wardrobe

Shay does enjoy Emily's choice in footwear. “I love a lot of her shoes!" the star once said in a People magazine interview. "I’ve incorporated more sneakers into my own life.”


She's Got a Massive Closet

Shay will occassionally share a snap of her walk-in closet on Instagram, but an interview with The Coveteur really paints the full picture: "A wall-to-wall shoe closet, hat display not unlike one that you'd find in a boutique, an organizational island with fresh flowers, acrylic trays displaying immaculately-organized jewelry, and floor-to-ceiling shelving displaying greatest hits from Saint Laurent, Céline, CHANEL and Givenchy." Sigh.


She Also Has Another Specifically For Fitness Gear

This one holds "a few dozen pairs of sneakers." Double sigh.


Her Ultimate Fashion Staple Is One You Likely Won’t See

When we met up with the star last year, Shay revealed her ultimate — and unexpected — fashion staple. "Nip covers," she said. "I should probably overstock since I don’t wear a bra a lot. I need nip covers."


She Has a Fashion Blog With Her Friend Michaela

While Amore & Vita is currently under construction, the two also wrote a book together called Bliss.


She Has a YouTube Channel

Shay shares a ton of beauty tutorials and Q&As, but occassionally you'll spot something fashion-related, such as a post on transitional Spring jackets.


She Doesn't Have an Issue Editing Her Instagram Photos

The star told us that the apps she uses are Camera+, VSCO Cam, and AfterLight. "I use AfterLight a lot," Shay said.


Her Style Crush Is Beyoncé

"I’m a fan of everything Beyoncé, and her style is something that I love,” Shay said in an interview with People magazine. “I think she has really great style.”


Her Go-To Outfit Is Very Simple

As for the outfit she'd wear for the rest of her life? "It would probably be a white button-up dress with a leather jacket and little black booties," Shay told us when we chatted with her. "With a Chanel bag."