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Match the Stylish Character to the Fashionable Movie

From Carrie Bradshaw to Elle Woods, Match the Stylish Character to the Movie

Image source: Everett Collection

From glamorous outfits we could only dream of wearing to style inspiration from stars years ago, movies have been home to some of the best dressed characters of all time. Elegant gowns worn by Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby fueled our desire to attend dreamy parties, while street style outfits flaunted by Carrie Bradshaw inspired us to dress our best every day of the week.

Movies have left us with no shortage of iconic style stars, and better yet, amazing outfits. See how well you know your movies (and these outfits!) when you try and match the correct character to the right flick. Only real fashion-lovers will know all of these, so good luck!