Forever 21 Enlisted a Designer to Solve All Your Bridesmaid Dress Problems

Till recently, dropping $200 on a bridesmaid dress you probably would never wear again felt like the fate of any woman in her friend's wedding party. Fortunately, retailers have wised up to the age-old dilemma and helped to reinvent the bridesmaid dress game with affordable options you might actually wear beyond the big day. That's exactly what Forever 21's up to with their new collaboration, which tapped designer Rory Beca to created a pretty capsule of dresses that ring in between $68-$78 and flatter all body types. A glance at the lineup, available May 8, and you'll know all the makings of a great bridesmaid's dress are there — elegant silhouettes and a soft color palette — for a lot less than you're used to. Read on for a first glimpse of the collection, then go ahead and do all your girls a solid and pass it along to all the brides-to-be out there.