Gigi Hadid Turned the Sidewalk Into a Runway With This 1 Outfit Detail

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We were all ears when Gigi Hadid sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night to talk about her career and that brand-new Stuart Weitzman collab of hers, but we were sure to tune in after the show, too. When Gigi left the studio, she hit the sidewalk looking like the supermodel she is. While we'll admit that part of that is just in her genes, the outfit had a lot to do with this major street style moment, and one piece in particular.

Gigi's curve-hugging dress is surely the sexiest part of her outfit, and those strappy heels don't hurt either. But the real wow factor comes from that Roberto Cavalli duster coat, soaring like a superhero's cape behind her as it catches the wind. A look at the pictures, and you'll surely agree — it's this drama-inducing piece that makes all the difference for Gigi, and for any of your outfits, too.