Gucci >>  This season's resort collections have been far from Lv_3 impressive -- Mj Gucci's looks like a page torn from a Liz Claiborne catalog (far left), Marc by Marc Jacobs' is just barf (left), and Louis Vuitton's is eh...(right).  It's like Goldilocks' dilemma gone bad. 

Thank goodness I've found a fit that was juuuust right, or we would've been in trouble.  I have to give it to Roland Mouret, his collection is a real breath of fresh air. 

TrenchA self-taught Frenchman who resides in London, Mouret maintains that all his designs come from a square of fabric.  If the man speaks the truth, which I don't doubt that he does, it's no wonder he's becoming so internationally reknowned -- he has some genuine talent.  Plus, his cruise collection just oozes 40's glamour with a pinch of modern twist.  Never thought I would say this about a trench, of all things, but WOW.  I am in love.  With this trench (left).  I don't even know what it is, because the design is so simple.  It must just be the feminine way that it lays.  Forget wearing a dress underneath, I'd be tempted to wear this trench by itself. 

Yel_dressLike I said, the whole collection is sublime, but I just can't resist rounding it out to my top three.  Second on the list would have to be this gorgeous yellow sheath (right).  It hits all the right curves, and its hemline reminds me of a Bl_dress mermaid.  It's sexy in an understated way, very silver screen siren.  And finally, this top (left).  I love the way it hangs -- the tailoring is amazing, and the psychadelic print...I can't suppress it -- I just have to sit back and: "Ooooh...Ahhh."

I give you a standing ovation, Roland Mouret.  Now if only you would do an encore...

**sources: women's wear daily