The Head-Turning Handbag Detail You'll See All Over Instagram This Winter

POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd
POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd

Leave it to Instagram's most stylish influencers to put every season's daring and unexpected trends on our radar. Last Winter, they showed us how to make puffer coats look street style-chic, then shifted our focus to all-embroidered-everything throughout the year. Now their head-turning choices are taking an interesting turn on a much smaller scale: to handbag handles.

Although a seemingly minuscule detail, this tiny accessory upgrade makes a big statement. Read on to see the wonders that little faux fur, wood, and metallic accents can do for your cold-weather outfits. Don't say we didn't warn you, but you'll want to scope out your next handbag purchase immediately.

Sleek and Abstract

If the term "unique handbag" was in the dictionary, Danse Lente would be the definition. Season after season, this London-based fashion house turns out a jaw-dropping line of leather accessories crafted with details, color combinations, and hardware that fashion girls fawn over. The abstract handle shape above is one of many examples.

Metallic and Minimal
POPSUGAR Photography | Diggy Lloyd

Metallic and Minimal

A small black handbag is always a good idea. Perfectly round metallic handles make it an even better one. A touch of gold means this luxe leather Tribe Alive bag will pair perfectly with any outfit, especially for the holidays. Already in love? You'll find this stunning black shade in our next Limited Edition Winter Box alongside six other editor-curated surprises.

A Change in Direction

Though most handles run along the length of a bag (versus the width, as seen here), this Flynn bag makes quite the case for switching things up. Though the silhouette of this bag isn't out of the ordinary, the handle puts it in a league of its own.

Colorful Fur

Adding a touch of shearling to any look is an outfit formula that never fails. But dye it red and put it on the handle of a maroon crocodile bag, and you have a seriously game-changing accessory on your hands. This one is made by a popular brand on Instagram, Pixie Market.

Inspired by Beads

If this spherical handle isn't enough to make you pause and admire it in your feed, we don't know what is. Cult Gaia is known for crafting bags that combine clean lines and relaxing natural hues, and this bag surely follows suit. It's like a giant, much, much cooler version of a beaded necklace.

Fanny Pack 2.0

Why carry your handbag in the crook of your arm when you can tie it around your waist? Korean brand The Volon is well-versed in the art of marrying loud colors with unique shapes. But here, risk-taking veteran Leandra Medine of ManRepeller puts her own spin on this bag's dainty chain handles by looping them through another piece of fabric.

Bracelets, Reinvented

Chloé has earned its spot in the closets of fashion bloggers across the world for a reason, and this handbag proves why. The head-turning brass handle was inspired by bracelets and looks incredibly chic with any outfit.

Au Naturale

If loud embellishments or bright metals aren't quite your style, choose a natural texture like wood that will play nice with any color or pattern. Attached to a red bag, it becomes a true statement accessory.

Monochrome Leather

The clean lines and monochromatic vibe of this bag is straight out of our wildest dreams. Not only are we loving the wide leather style of this handle, but also how it weaves through the sides of the bag.

Juxtaposed Textures

Playing off of several of the styles above, we're also eyeing this gorgeous bag from Tory Burch. It's the perfect pairing of sleek leather, dainty chains, and a handle that's attached to the bag widthwise instead of lengthwise.