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hi, honey...

>> I'm home!  My most gracious and humble apologies to you all, I just had to whisk myself around the land where the sun never sets -- the grand old UK.  But here I am, I've popped up again, back in London.  And oh boy, do we have a lot to catch up on.

But first, this.  I came upon this site a long time ago, but it was down at the time.  Intrigued by the cool graphic logo, I bookmarked it anyway.  I remembered about it a couple of weeks ago, and it was like finding twenty dollars in a jacket pocket -- the site was back up, and just as I suspected, had something adorable for sale.   

Rnad2 -- even the name is alluring.  But the best part about it is what's inside.  The lollipop pins.  These cuties are all handmade with vintage fabric, beads, sequins, and lace.  I usually hate lace (and love sequins, beads, and vintage), but this might have won me over.  And the stitching -- it's all just so divine.  And my favorite (my golden rule of deciding): it looks like nothing else.  How could it?  They're all one of a kind.  Some people tie a scarf on their bag to give it a personal touch, but me, I would put add a lollipop pin.  It's like in Office Space -- everyone needs a little bit of flair -- these would be mine (Of course, never would I fulfill the 37 pieces of flair minimum -- one is good Sundae enough for me).  My flair of choice would have to be the Sundae Dainty Lollipop Pin -- I'm such a sucker for anything blue -- $18 of deliciousness.

It's interesting, I've never been big on accessories.  But suddenly, I've become intrigued -- God is in the details, as they say.  It's that little touch of panache that makes an outfit your own, and I can feel my style evolving.  Which also explains why I'm so attracted to these pins -- they definitely have the spice it takes.   

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