9 Outfits From The Notebook We Want to See Over and Over Again

The first time we saw The Notebook, we were left in a teary mess, captivated by the epic love story between two steamy stars. But, in the 11 years since the film first captured our hearts, we've had time to watch it over (and over) again. And what really sticks with us — besides the emotional roller coaster, of course — are Allie's gorgeous vintage-inspired outfits.

From the iconic blue dress to her adorable swimsuits, the '40s-era looks somehow still have modern appeal. And with the news that the film is being adapted for TV, we'll have a whole lot more retro fashion inspiration to look forward to (though sadly no more Ryan Gosling). Just scroll for a few of the iconic outfits to get nostalgic and excited for what's to come — because lucky for us, it still isn't over!